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Classes by Age

At More Than Play, our founders are licensed speech language pathologists who are passionate and dedicated to providing an evidence-based approach to learning through play. Our classes are led by therapists, educators, and subject matter experts. Learn about our social open play sessions & classes below. To register, visit the "book online" tab. 

Social Open Play


Play with purpose in our intentionally designed, language-forward open play space. Children will be immersed in a learning environment that encourages exploration and independence through dramatic play and creativity.


Just an hour? We know you want to play more but here at More Than Play, our methods are evidence based. Our carefully curated social play sessions are designed with age appropriate attention and sensory processing in mind.  

Nimble Minds

2-5 years

Children will participate in various activities ranging from a craft, sensory activity, or obstacle course play in this thematic adult & me class. Classes encourage building fine motor abilities, upper body and core strength, coordination, self-help skills and sensory integration. Includes time in the open play space. Led by occupational therapists

More Than A Mess

1-5 years

More Than A Mess is an adult & me class where children are provided with various centers to explore via a multi-sensory approach. This class is child led with opportunities for themed-play and sensory exploration.Led by speech pathologist/co-founder of More Than Play



Yogibop is a bi-lingual yoga & creative movement class focused on strengthening motor skills, speech and self-expression. Children expand receptive & expressive language in English y en Español through lively yoga flow, imaginative storytelling, song and dance. Practice poses and deep breathing techniques for self-regulation and improved body awareness. Wind down with storytime Savasana and positive affirmations for calm and confidence.Led by a dual language creative movement specialist

Infant More Than A Mess

Up to 12 months

Infant More Than A Mess leads parents to interact with their Toddler via a multi-sensory approach with creative and thematic activities. This class encourages mess and exploration- bring a change of clothes! Led by a licensed and certified Speech Pathologist. Best for ages 3-12 months. 

Music & Movement

by Tiny Song Birds

NB-24 months

Tiny Song Birds' baby and me class is a music and movement experience for infants and adults that will have you connecting through song with your little one. Join as as we promote early brain development by making time to listen, play, vocalize and bond with your little ones. Led by a licensed and experienced music educator. 

Play With Your Food

1.5-5 years

How many times have you heard an adult say, “don’t play with your food!” Play is at the forefront of all developmental activities but when it comes to food, this often gets thrown out of the window. Switch to the yes- Yes! Play with your food! Feeding is a multi-sensory experience and playing with food allows children to gain comfortability and move towards acceptance by exploring food with all of their senses WITHOUT the pressure to eat or try. Join us for a food based craft/activity followed by open play in our play space. This class is not just for selective eaters. Led by a speech pathologist/co-founder of More Than Play

Pre-School Foundations

3-4 years

In a four-week series, children will engage in targeted activities addressing: following directions, turn taking, receptive/expressive language, and social skills. Each class builds upon the previous week throughout a themed curriculum in a small capacity class. Parent must be on-site during class.

Inquisitive Minds

1-5 years

Led by speech pathologists & co-owners of More Than Play, Inquisitive Minds is an adult & me class structured around thematic, multi-sensory lessons. Learn through play and support language development with story time, craft, movement and time in our play space.Led by speech pathologists/co-founders of More Than Play

Scientific Minds

2-5 years

Scientific Minds is an adult & me class focused on a multi-sensory, team-building experience. This class instills the skills of problem solving, critical thinking, communicating and innovation. Led by early childhood special educator

Creative Minds

3-4 years

In a four-week series, children & caregivers will have an opportunity for creative exploration and play through a variety of traditional and not traditional art materials. Children will explore and nurture aspects of creativity and art making with support of their caregiver in a social setting. Includes time in the open play space. Drop in registration also available. Led by A Licensed and Registered Creative Arts Therapist, LCAT ATR-BC

Tiny Songbirds

1-4 years

Tiny Songbirds (@tinysongbirds) is a cooperative early childhood music class that will have you and your little one singing, moving, playing instruments and creating musical moments together. All Tiny Songbirds classes include original and engaging lesson plans and are taught by Jamie and Terence Blum-Marciano.

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